The Natural Late Talkers group was formed in 2001 as a resource for parents of latetalkers with some or all traits of late talker described in the book Late Talking Children by Thomas Sowell. The Sowell book is not a peer-reviewed study, but rather a helpful book for parents of misdiagnosed late talkers. Our group receives guidance from reputable professionals who generously donate their time and expertise on a regular basis. This group does not serve the needs of parents of children correctly diagnosed with a Pervasive Development Disorder. Discussions are to help improve language speech delayed children. This group does not encourage label-dodging, but rather encourages all parents to find a responsible professional for diagnostics. On our community forum, we do not discuss vaccinations, diets, sensory therapies, or knowingly accepting false diagnosis for insurance or school services. We follow clinically reputable diagnostics and the DSM-IV.